... Prime Concord ... toward a peace all creatures once knew ...
When GOD finished HIS Work of setting the heavens and the earth in good order, HE said of it all -very good-. HE did not make robots but gave all HIS creatures free will. And the way of life HE Designed for all of us in the Garden was peace and abundance for all...

* no such thing as a sinful nature in HIS Design
* no such thing as a killer instinct
* no exclusive survival of the fittest

The prime concord of that Day was peace for all creatures with varied abundances among wide spaces to grow and explore. YHVH made Man and Woman to care for the Garden and gave only one commandment - do not to eat from a particular tree. Well, we all make mistakes, and it will be better next time, we are assured.

After the Great Flood, YHVH gave Noah's descendants only two commandments. Do not murder, and Do not eat blood. That's all. When mankind went astray, YHVH gave commandments to Avraham and then to Israel to be a Light to the nations around them, and then sent YESU (JESUS) as a Light to all people of all nations. Not everyone believes (yet).

Alas, one day, it will be time to start over in the millenium and men will be scarcer than gold again. How many commandments will there be for the men of that day? For Israel, the Torah and rare Amendments. For others, the short list in the Book of Acts, chapter 15 (v28-29). It is very simple, as it has been for about 2000 years now. For those days, there is one extra commandment for Gentiles in the book of Zechariah. Do you
know what it is? (it is noted in
a Legal primer)

At the end of the millenium, GOD will preside over the final Judgment. Those who do not measure up to some fairly simple standards of HIS will go to eternal fire - they believed in lies and acted upon them against all the evidence and witnessing. The rest will go to the new Day of peace. It will be like that of the prime concord in the Garden of Eden ... do you look forward to that as much as i do? and seeing what HIS Garden can look like after 6000 years of diligent tending?

So ... what kind of neighbourly advice is it possible to provide between now and the day a small part of humanity starts over again?  I started posting the fruit of studious efforts here. The first was ... a Legal primer ... and then came ...delta... over the period of 2009-2013. Later, in 2015, came the set Three Briefs. I also added some short pieces from friends on a page called honest history. There may be other writings added when fit for reading ...

Plenty of good can come from looking back to the prime concord all creatures once knew, being at peace with GOD, and what might be done to preserve what is good that still remains down here. I will add yet more to the site when I feel satisfied that the content is as good as I can provide. That should always be the case before putting something into cyberspace for our distant neighbours. I do not mind some taking offense. Some surely will. They do that with the Truth these days.

any who would like to leave a message are free to do so...