... Prime Concord ... toward a peace all creatures once knew ...


... I posted a number of essays, poems and extracts over the period 2009-2013 which have now been collected under one title -delta- as below and the individual files are still available. I have only PDFs on the site but am working on ways to provide EPub and other formats for easier use by those with mobile appliances. For any benefit you get from these writings, thank HIM from Whom all goodness flows ...
... delta ...

 ...Delta... (April 2013) A4 PDF ~70 pages
                  includes all works in the list to right ==>.

EPub? Other Formats? I am looking at how to provide them in due course.

... individual essays, poems, extracts ...

a Legal primer (March 2009)
the perfectibility of men (August 2010) 
growing like a tree (a 1-page extract, Sept 2010)
do the 66 books really measure up? (March 2011)
the contents of my family Bible (FHL) and its Annex
   (a 1-page extract, March 2011)
poets on GOD's Footstool (September 2011)
earthbound wealth : a means (December 2011)
mysterious matrilineage (March 2012)
escape from the paycheck factory (June 2012)
gardeners by Design (July 2012)
he will grow sturdy like a tree (December 2011)
our collective immortality rate (January 2013)
is this really just another oscillation? (February 2013)
seaweed enough for everyone! (March 2013)
on choosing festivals wisely (April 2013)
earthquakes and hail (April 2013)
of shepherds who love HIM (April 2013)