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honest history

Too much "teaching" is left to modern specialists who are not careful with the Truth.
Here are a few topics I found important for my own children to learn about ...
The Creation of Heaven and Earth
... Noah's Ark
... The Bavel Event
... The Wisdoms of Adam and Noah
... The Wise Laws of the Nation of Israel
... King Solomon's Navy and an old marker in New Mexico (coming soon)

 The Creation of Heaven and Earth - Many teachings against the Bible account of Creation do not have truthful science behind them. It is a tragedy not yet fully understood by most parents who entrust the education of their young to a “state” - we find no proper counterpart for such in nature. Honest science has never proven evolution, while evolution has become a religion in its own right. How would it compare to other religions as a source of terror against non-believers? It is an interesting question, one that many others seem to have better-informed opinions on.

Here I provide some simple references and links to help thoughtful parents examine more on this matter in the small amount of time that an ever more burdensome “society” leaves them with for such pursuits.

A man I know, when working more than a decade ago in Asia, published locally some booklets in Russian, Chinese and Indonesian. All of these came from the same source in the USA and they gave him permission to translate 60 short proofs for readers. While the English version (slightly amended here) and the older 2001 (Russian), 2003 (Indonesian) and 2004 (Chinese) versions are each a little bit different, they do have the common thread you can find in the English version of today. And on the website from which the short proofs first came ...

... this link will take you toward a library of PDF materials you can use to better educate your own children or church youth groups about truthful science and its support for Biblical accounts. The materials are voluminous enough for home schooling in several of topics! And check out their natural health information too.

Noah's Ark  - a point of great interest for young people, some of them drifting in their faith, is Ron Wyatt's expeditions to the mountains of Urartu (Ararat) and the finding of Noah’s Ark. The Turkish government concurred - this is the real thing. See a 2-hour video on Youtube (here) and also look (here) for some internet text of the expedition. It seems the pictures that used to be there are now gone ... Gather and download such info before it gets somehow 'lost' to us again. We should be thankful that the Ark is in an area where Turkey, Iran and Armenia come together and remains largely undisturbed by tourism or some despot bent on destroying the truth.

One thing we should all have long-since understood ... Humans really are one family. Perhaps Japheth’s wife was blonde-with-blue-eyes and Ham’s wife was very-dark-with-super-curls. But what of it? There is no reason to allow liars to inflame and manipulate passions of the young ... between colors of people who all got (in a potential form) off the same boat merely 4,600 years ago. Got it? 

The Bavel Event  - we learn that YHVH was so displeased with the people at the Tower of Bavel that HE confounded their languages there. Let us consider what might have been before the Flood ... perhaps an over-concentration of "crusty old elites" wielding power over others? Gathering from the serfs to the castle, a "state" with all its intrigues and degradations from the proper work of gardening? I am speculating, but only just a little. Look at the ills of over-concentration of anything -vs- the expanse of the Garden and the simple job to "tend and guard" the garden for everyone's sake. That means spreading out. Don't over-concentrate anything and there will not be anything to clean up or complain about. But the over-concentrations of peoples and the rise of specialists led to nothing but trouble before the Flood. So why do we keep doing this? It is a mystery to me. Not long after the flood we find the beginning of the counting of years on the Korean Peninsula (2333 BCE) and the advent of the early Dynasties of China (2205 BCE). I do believe that the efficacy of Bavel was such that modern scholars bang their heads in the futility of peer-reviewed publications seeking a "common ancestor" language. When people run as a herd away from YHVH's Testimony, the results seem predictable enough, and this is merely another thread in our shared history.

The Wisdoms of Adam and Noah  - from the Valley of the Eight, just south of Mt. Ararat proper, the second population expansion upon Earth spread forth ... and it was not without even older teachings from the Family of Adam about duties to GOD, about the Flood, about plants and their medicinal uses, about pottery and metal working, about mathematics and astronomy. Some modern people suggest that the Sumerians "invented" writing and all those other things claimed on their behalf as "firsts", said to then be copied by Elam, Babylon and Assyria, by the Hittites and Hurrians, by Egypt and Ethiopia. Nonsense. Complete Nonsense. They all had something from Noah in their families already before they erred so gravely at the Bavel Event - when GOD confounded them all after their attempt to build a State to replace family and village with man-made artifices. Artificial "nations" are so prevalent and all-devouring today, that another global Divine Intervention cannot be far off.
That now said, I do wish to restore something from the Sumerians that students of the Truth may well enjoy. There are collections of proverbs and similar "wisdom" writings that come to us from investigations of Sumerian cuneiform fragments and their antecedents from as far back as 2200 BCE. I have first placed here a note called ...

... is nothing of value? ... a 1-page re-statement of what today's scholars call "nothing is of value", and which I suggest that King Solomon the Wise saw in pristine form when he had set his heart upon discovering and distilling wisdoms to pass along to people. This piece is particularly reminiscent of the message in Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes) written by King Solomon some 3,000 years ago, thus passing along part of Adam and Noah's Wisdom down to our own generation.

... proverbs of Sumer (later) ... I shall compile a longer note on proverbial teachings that were likewise handed down among the standard Sumerian cuneiform fragments in a later posting. Some similarities with King Solomon the Wise's Book of Proverbs are quite striking, and I am certain the Sumerian forms were among the collections he studied ahead of his final compilations. Some Proverbs of the East might be added as well.

... herbals (later) ... There are further compelling threads of herbal medicine and similar knowledge linking ancient China and India back to the earliest Sumerian, Assyrian, Hittite and Egyptian records of botanical and geo-chemical practices. While such threads are far more time-consuming to distill, I consider them of agreeably broad interest, and will endeavor to post more in due course.

The Wise Laws of the Nation of Israel  - while the collections delta and three briefs (at this site) cover many aspects of the commandments, a man I know prepared a nicely focused text On Wealth, Money and Taxes. It was first published at SGT Report and the PDF can be found also located with us here. It starts and ends with Moses great question from Deut 4:8 ... "What great nation is there that has statutes and judgments as righteous as this whole law which I am setting before you today?"
King Solomon's Navy and a Marker in New Mexico  - (more details later) ... some may find it hard to believe that a Paleo-Hebrew Mezuzah (Ten Commandments on Stone) could be found hidden away on a mountain in New Mexico, dating to the time of the Tel Dan and similar Paleo Hebrew inscriptions, around the time of King Solomon the Wise of Israel. And yet the Decalogue Stone in the midst of New Mexico is real. One man I know has visited the place and offered to provide us further pictures of the artifact and links to some good explanatory materials.